oncorhynchus tshawytscha
  The royal salmon stays from one to eight years in the Pacific Ocean before coming back in its native river to reproduce. It can measure up to 1,80 m length for a maximum weight of 60 kg, its average accounts for 1 meter for 15 kg. One finds it of Kotzebue Sound in Alaska, until Santa Barbara in California. Almost fished all the year following the fishing zones, the royal salmon is the most snuffed salmons. In the South-east of Alaska, it is fished with the line and generally frozen edge. The wild salmon fisheries of Alaska all are certified by the M.S.C. (Marine Stewardship Council) for controlled management and the durable development. The royal salmon is high today in Canada, Chile and in Australia. Presentation and origin Fished with the line - Alaska or Canada Breeding - Canada - vacuum filet and pavé - whole headed and gutted fish, fished with the line. Nutritional value for 100 G Kcal 360 Proteins 24.7 G Lipids 13.5 G Sodium 59 Mg Potassium 423 Mg Cholesterol 82 Mg
  Card-index presentation : Royal salmon Filet
Card-index presentation : Royal salmon pavé
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