Category : Sea Products
Ingredients :
200 G of Nut of Saint-Jacob 150 G of White (S) of leek (X) 1 spoon (S) with coffee of Curry 10 Water Cl 150 G of Flour of corn 100 G of grated Gruyere 1 spoon (S) with Olive oil soup 10 Sunflower oil Cl 15 Full-cream milk Cl 1 sachet (S) of Brewers' yeast 20 G of Slightly salted butter 3 Egg (S) 50 G of grated Parmesan 2 pinch (S) of Pepper 2 pinch (S) of Salt

Preparation :

Preheat your furnace with 180 C (thermostat 6). Defrost nuts of Saint-Jacob, drain them and dry them. Wash the leek white and cut them in plates. Make return them in the frying pan to Saint-Jacob with butter and water during 10 minutes. Salt and pepper. Mix them with the Saint-Jacob. In a salad bowl, work well with the whip eggs, the flour and yeast. Gradually incorporate the sunflower oil and heated milk. Add the grated Gruyere and the Parmesan. Mix well and incorporate the saint-Jacques-leeks mixture in the base. Pour the whole in a mould not lubricated and put at the furnace during 45 minutes.

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