Snake soup has been considered a delicacy in Chinese culture for over two thousand years. It serves as both medicine and food in Asia. For more information on this product please contact us directly at


Origin : South Africa /Zimbabwe Non-exhaustive list of our products: filets, pavés Crocodile meat is often compared to chicken meat, both in texture and taste. It comes more generally from the tail of the reptile, one of the few edible parts. It is described as close to chicken in taste, and very tender. The flesh[…]

Kangaroos while looking at you at sunset in kangaroo island


Macropus rufus Origin: Australia Kangaroo’s meat is a very tender red meat, and it is also very healthy. It contains little fat and cholesterol (98% fat free), it is rich in iron and in proteins. Because the kangaroos are sourced from their natural environment – roaming freely across extensive pastoral areas of Australia, the meat[…]

Bison or American buffalo, one of America's largest mammals


Origin: Canada Bison meat is characterized by a very subtle taste that is between beef and game. It is an excellent source of protein and irons, remarkably low in fat, calories and saturated fat. This very tender meat brings together the qualities sought after by the consumer (tasty, healthy and natural). Non-exhaustive list of our[…]

Female Ostrich (Struthio camelus), Kalahari desert, South Africa


Struthio camelus Ostrich meat has real gastronomic and nutritional qualities. It is one of the healthiest red meat, containing less cholesterol than beef and even less fat than chicken. In addition, it is also a particularly rich source of iron and Zinc, plus an important source of B vitamins. The meat we offer is cleaned[…]

Antelope running across the savannah in Botswana. Jump.


Antidorcas marsupialis Origin : South Africa Antelope meat is a healthy red meat naturally low in fat and cholesterol with a fine texture. The range of our antelope meat products comes from animals raised in semi-freedom. Non-exhaustive list of our products: meat, legs, pave, diced meat cubes About the antelope Antidorcas marsupialis: With their long,[…]