Young male fallow deer buck at park. Animals beauty in nature.

Fallow deer

Dama dama Fallow deer meat is as delicate and as easy to use in the kitchen as deer’s meat. The fallow deer is a medium sized deer, smaller than the deer, native to Europe. There are different varieties of fallow deer in the european countries. The most common variety has a white spotted chestnut coat,[…]

Wild boar walking through dead grass and pine trees


Sus scrofa The boar is considered a lean meat. It is low in fat: 100 grams of wild boar meat contains 3 grams of fat. The poorest parts in grease are the tenderloin and loin. We offer 3 different origins of this specie: EU origin shot in hunting action – Wild Game Australian origin shot in[…]

Wood pigeon

Columbia colombus Also called pigeon in the southwest of France, the wood pigeon belongs to the family Columbidae. Its flesh is dark delicate and tasty. non-exhaustive list of our products: ready to cook, thread, meat



Alecturis Rufa and Perdix Perdix Partridge meat is high in protein and low in fat. Low sodium, it is well in line with the recommendations of nutritionists. non-exhaustive list of products: Ready to cook, thread, meat

Wild brown hare sitting in a grass


Mountain hare – Lepus Copensis The hare meat is rich in protein. hare meat 100g cover more than one third of the daily requirement of protein. This is a very low calorie meat and very low in fat. It is also a major source of iron, easily absorbable, for more vitality. non-exhaustive list of our[…]

A pair of pheasants on the grass


phasianus colchicus Pheasant meat, as all game meat, is rich in protein. It also has the advantage of being low in fat. Non-exhaustive list of our products: Ready to cook pheasant, filet, supreme, meat, thigh meat.

Mallard Duck Flying Low Over the River


Anas platyrhynchos Throughout Europe, it’s hunting and production starts at the end of August until more or less the end of the year. Mallard has less fat flesh and is smaller than farmed duck. Non-exhaustive list of our products: fillets, duck “ready to cook” meat Mallard duck is appreciated cooked in a hoven or roasted[…]

Rehbock auf einer Wiese

Roe deer

capreolus capreolus Origin: EU The roe deer is widespread in all temperate zones, and is the most abundant cervid species occurring in most of Europe. Roe Deer populations are found today in grasslands and sparse forests, thought they will prefer woods, coniferous and deciduous forests. The Roe Deer meat is very tender and tasty, characterized[…]


Red Deer / Doe EU

Origin: UE Deer is the largest of the game we offer. Every day there is more awareness of the need for a healthy diet, and European red deer meat answer that need. Indeed, it is a healthy meat, low in fat and cholesterol and rich in iron and protein. We work in partnership with several[…]

a 16 point red deer stag of 316 SCI, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand Venison

Cervus elaphus New Zealand is the world’s largest producer of farmed deer. The animals are grass fed on the vast plains of New Zealand, their diet is free of hormones or antibiotics. We have been working exclusively for many years with our New Zealand partner MOUNTAIN RIVER to offer you meat of quality. We offer[…]