Origin: Canada

Bison meat is characterized by a very subtle taste that is between beef and game. It is an excellent source of protein and irons, remarkably low in fat, calories and saturated fat. This very tender meat brings together the qualities sought after by the consumer (tasty, healthy and natural).

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Bison meat is hypo allergenic and can be eaten by people allergic to red meat. You’ll love it anyway: simmered like game meat, roasted by oven, pan-fried or grilled. You will prefer your buffalo meat cooked rare or medium rare. Its tastiness carries a touch of wildness that is highly appreciated. The stew is prepared lightly marinated in a ripe and racy red wine.

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 Nutritional value for 100g

Energie en Kcal (Kj) Protéines (g) Lipides (g) Glucides (g) Sodium (mg) Fer (mg)
122 (508) 23,32 2,430 >0 47 2,66
Source : US department Of Agriculture nutritional value table