Fallow deer

Dama dama

Fallow deer meat is as delicate and as easy to use in the kitchen as deer’s meat.

The fallow deer is a medium sized deer, smaller than the deer, native to Europe. There are different varieties of fallow deer in the european countries. The most common variety has a white spotted chestnut coat, with a white rump patch and a fairly long tail.

The male fallow deer is known as a buck, the female is a doe, and the young a fawn. The animal feeds mainly on grasses and pastures, brushes, leaves and winter brambles and bark. It can live up to 25 years.

Non-exhaustive list of our products: rump, leg bone-in, pave, diced meat cube.

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Nutritional value for 100g of fallow deer meat:

Energie en Kcal (Kj) Protéines (g) Lipides (g) Glucides (g) Sodium (mg) Fer (mg)
152 (635) 31,47 1,920 >0 45 4,23

Source : US department Of Agriculture nutritional value table