New Zealand Venison

Cervus elaphus

New Zealand is the world’s largest producer of farmed deer. The animals are grass fed on the vast plains of New Zealand, their diet is free of hormones or antibiotics.

We have been working exclusively for many years with our New Zealand partner MOUNTAIN RIVER to offer you meat of quality. We offer a wide choice of cuts that can be suitable for any occasion and meal. Please do not hesitate to get further information on the products on our supplier website HERE.

Non-exhaustive list of our products: striploin, tenderloin, rump, shoulder, pave, diced meat cube, meat, fillet, frenched racked.

Farmed deer meat is a healthy meat, low in fat and cholesterol, rich in iron and protein. And above all, so easy to cook! Almost no preparation is necessary, a turn of pepper and salt, cooking it rare, and here, ready to serve and to taste!

 Check out our recommanded recipes:

Our supplier has even more recipes to recommand, see for yourself HERE.

Nutritional value for 100g of deer meat:

Energie en Kcal (Kj) Protéines (g) Lipides (g) Glucides (g) Sodium (mg) Fer (mg)
152 (635) 31,47 1,920 >0 45 4,23

Source : US department Of Agriculture nutritional value table