Red Deer / Doe EU

Origin: UE

Deer is the largest of the game we offer. Every day there is more awareness of the need for a healthy diet, and European red deer meat answer that need. Indeed, it is a healthy meat, low in fat and cholesterol and rich in iron and protein.

We work in partnership with several European workshops (among others and in order of importance, workshops located in Spain, Poland, Germany and Belgium) for our red deer supplies.

Non-exhaustive list of our products: Haunch bone-in or boneless, striploin, tenderloin, rump, shoulder, pave, diced meat cube, meat, fillet, breast. Others products on demand.


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The red deer (Cervus elaphus) is one of the largest deer species. It inhabits most of Europe. Deer are very social and travel in groups called herds.

Deer are herbivores; they only eat vegetation. For the most part, a deer’s diet consists of grass, small shrubs and leaves.


Nutritional value for 100g of red deer meat:

Energie en Kcal (Kj) Protéines (g) Lipides (g) Glucides (g) Sodium (mg) Fer (mg)
152 (635) 31,47 1,920 >0 45 4,23

Source : US department Of Agriculture nutritional value table