Pullum Consumed skinless chicken contains little calories.D’un delicate flavor, its flesh is about a thousand manières.Il fills our daily protein needs without contribution too high in fat. non-exhaustive list of our products fresh and frozen – Possibility Halal products -: dessosé whole chicken, wings, sleeves, net, drumsticks, thigh meat, thighs, gizzards, aiguillettes

gray goose


Anser The goose is a fatty meat: it contains 15 g of fat per 100 g. However, one third of that fat is in monounsaturated fats, which can have beneficial effects for health. Consuming goose, or products derived therefrom, may therefore prevent cardiovascular disease. The high caloric content of this chicken (255 calories per 100[…]



Turcia Traditionally served during family meals at the end of the year, (Thanksgiving Day for example) Turkey meat is also sold in pieces all year-long. Indeed, the meat is highly popular as it is less caloric than chicken meat even though its taste is really similar. Non-exhaustive list of our products, available in both frozen[…]

Mallard duckling on the grass, close up


Duck The duck meat is high in monounsaturated fat, which gives it special health benefits. The duck is however considered a fatty meat. Non-exhaustive list of our products fresh and frozen liver, breast, meat, gizzard, sleeve-knots, fat