Struthio camelus

Ostrich meat has real gastronomic and nutritional qualities. It is one of the healthiest red meat, containing less cholesterol than beef and even less fat than chicken.

In addition, it is also a particularly rich source of iron and Zinc, plus an important source of B vitamins.

The meat we offer is cleaned and trimmed – boneless, cleared of nerves and fat, purged of the membrane and other tissues, so that only the pure muscle is left – 100% red meat, and 100% consumer satisfaction.

Non-exhaustive list of our products: meat, filet, pavé, diced meat cubes, roti

Extremely tender, ostrich meat is characterized by its exceptional taste very close to the taste of the beef.

Please check out our recipes with ostrich meat !

Nutritional value for 100g of ostrich meat:

Energie en Kcal (Kj)

Protéines (g)

Lipides (g)

Glucides (g)

Sodium (mg)

Fer (mg)

165 (690)






Source : US department Of Agriculture nutritional value table