Roe deer

capreolus capreolus

Origin: EU

The roe deer is widespread in all temperate zones, and is the most abundant cervid species occurring in most of Europe.

Roe Deer populations are found today in grasslands and sparse forests, thought they will prefer woods, coniferous and deciduous forests.

The Roe Deer meat is very tender and tasty, characterized by its high iron content. Flesh dew must remain within after cooking.

Non-exhaustive list of our products: saddle boneless, haunch, rump, pave, diced meat cube, meat, breast.


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Nutritional value for 100g of roe deer meat:

Energy in Kcal (Kj) Proteins (g) Lipides (g) Glucides (g) Sodium (mg) Iron (mg)
91 (386) 21,25 0 1,3 54,5 3
Source : Fédération Nationale des Chasseurs